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I came to USA at 14, with  my mom & my siblings. Our Dad was already here. We did not speak English. This made the transition hard because of the language barrier and made school very difficult. As a teen, I did not understand why my parents moved us to USA, but now as an adult I understand, they wanted a better life for us. 

So many kids have come here from other countries, because their parents also want to give them a better life, but the language barrier makes it more difficult. There is a lot of misunderstanding. 

I decided to become a Foster parent because so many kids are in need of love and a family. And I have so much love and care to give. 

We may not be able to change the whole world, but we can change it for that one child. For our community. 

Now it is my turn to want a better life for all of our children. This is why I am running for office and working to make a difference. To help to pave the way for those who will come next. 

I worry about taxes for senior citizens. And healthcare. Where is the dignity? Where is the respect and care? The little bit they get, they still have to worry. And what is the reward for all their hard work?  People can’t afford to retire. So they work to live and cannot ever retire. 

Because somebody needs to represent our voice. For all of us.

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